Trying Not To Suck


So I have successfully made it three days with feeling for the most part happy. I have instated a 4 phase daily plan for trying to keep this happy feeling going.

Step 1:  Upbeat music.  I have noticed that for the last couple of weeks all the music I have been listening to has revolved our loss and unrequited love or just overall heartache.  So I changed that up more driving guitar, drums and vocals or good fast dance beats. Seems to keep the blood pumping and the mood up.

Step 2:  Walks on lunch. This was pretty much a no brainer get up on my hour lunch breaks at work (that is a lot of time) and go for a walk. Even just 30 minutes is enough to get the blood flowing and the endorphins going. Also makes me feel better in the evening.

Step 3:  Curls Sessions.  Just four sets of 12 reps with my 56 pound curl bar in the evening is enough to give me that nice ache that makes you just feel so good like your muscles are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Step 4 (the most important step): Stop watching those same six episodes of Glee I have been watching every night for the last month. I now this sounds silly but it is true. Every night I would go home and I would watch the same six episodes of Glee every night. I love the show and I love the music but watching it as much as I did pulled me out of the real world and caused me to lose grip on what was real. I will still revisit the show and the music from it from time to time but my evenings have to be for other things.

Much Love



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  1. Great regime, long may it continue. Certainly beats my ‘sit and wait for the pain to stop’ approach.

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