Music For Today

I decided that on days when I don’t have a whole not to say I would talk about some music I am currently listening to.  Sound like a good idea?  Probably not. Lets start this.

Today started out with listening to Eisley’s latest release “I’m Only Dreaming.”  I have enjoyed Eisley since the first time I heard Telescope Eyes back in what 2005. I would have to say this is probably my favorite album (my age is showing) that they have recorded.  As always the vocals are soft yet they can cut through to the very core of you summoning up emotions that you didn’t were there.  I mean it starts out with Always Wrong which I mean come on we all feel that way more times than not. I am not going to do full reviews because honestly my writing skills are not nearly good enough to do the albums I listen to just.  Lets just say it is good.

After listening to I’m Only Dreaming about four times Spotify decided to jump to album radio. Maybe it felt that I needed a change.  Thank you Spotify for telling me what I need. It is usually right.  Well the first thing that came on was the song Stop Desire off of Tegan and Sara’s album Love You to Death.  So I decided I need to listen to that.  Currently I am on the second play through of that album and figure I will probably finish the day of work up with listening to this a couple more times.

I might try to write another blog post this evening if I can come up with anything worth talking about.  That seems to be the problem with when my mood feels good that I don’t have as much to right about. Why is that?

Much Love



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