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Back On Track… I Think?

So I feel like I finally may be back on track.  I had let myself go and every day I hated myself for it more and more.  It is a vicious cycle.  I eat because I feel bad and then I feel bad because I eat and then I eat some more.

I feel like it is just a matter of taking that first step.  That being said yesterday I did a boxing workout.  I figured it would be a nice fun thing to do and man my body is feeling it today and I am so glad I decided to do it.  Now the key will be to do day two when it is time for it.  That is tomorrow.  I hope that I can have the willpower enough to do it.  NO!!! I WILL HAVE THE WILLPOWER TO DO IT!!!! I NEED TO.

I know this is short but I wanted to just start something.  I needed to get a post up to make myself accountable.

Much Love



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