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Control Of Something Means Everything

So after a few weeks of being controlled by my anxiety yesterday I decided to take control of something.  I controlled what I ate.  It has been a few weeks since I have been able to finish my food diary for the day and not be over the calorie limit (if I even bothered to track it).  Don’t worry I don’t go overboard I actually use to keep track of my food intake and calorie output using that combined with my FitBit are great tools to keep me eating but not eating too much and dieting without dieting to much.  It is a fine line that I need to walk and it is an everyday struggle to not go to extremes in either direction.

Anyway the point of this is that having even that little bit of control over something has completely made the difference in how I woke up this morning.  Under normal circumstances as of late I would wake up in the morning instantly feeling like a failure because I failed to even control the smallest thing in my life that I have control over.  What and how much I eat.  I woke up this morning and I was proud of myself.  I did not bother to get on the scale because I have eaten so poorly for the last few days that I knew the number would not be good and there is no reason to discourage myself so early in the morning.  The last thing I need is to look at the scale and see the number was up and suddenly feel awful about myself again.

I am going to cling to this just this little bit of control in a world that feels out of control.  Thank you to everyone that reads this.  Even just seeing that a couple of people have read this makes me realize that I am not alone in this world.

Love yourselves and each other.



Look A Picture Of Me Smiling And I Mean It!!!


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