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Goodbye Facebook!

So today I deactivated my Facebook account.  I finally had enough.  I had enough of every time I wanted to share something instantly my phone with blow up with texts annoying texts.  I will list the three most common texts below and explain each and my feelings towards them.

“Your mania is showing.”

Yes I have bouts of mania but just because I share five stories in a day does not mean I am manic it could just mean that I had some down time on lunch at work and thought some stuff was interesting.

“Your killing my news feed today.”

If you don’t want to see my posts then just block them.  Or how about this don’t spend so much time on your Facebook that you see every post I put up.  If you follow enough people my updates should be buried way down on your feed in like 10 minutes.

“Is Mark OK?” (this one usually goes to my girlfriend)

The other day I posted simply “UGH feeling anxious.” Suddenly this turns into texts to my girlfriend asking her if I was all right.  In fact every time I share anything even remotely personal I it turns into “Why is Mark being so whiney on Facebook.”  It doesn’t even have to be something whiney.

So you know what I have debated deactivating my Facebook for the last couple years.  I really only kept it around for my sister and since I have her on the social media that I actually use I don’t see a reason to keep Facebook around.

The way people react to my statuses are only the latest reason to get rid of it.  With the “Like-Share-React-Before-Researching” world that we live in it seems the best thing for all of us to be done with it.  “Fake” News is a term we hear far to often and no place is this more prevalent than on Facebook.  Anyone can post anything they want and people’s knee jerk reaction is to believe it and share it.  Before long a story about a father getting beaten up to get comics for his sick daughter has spread like wildfire because people don’t bother to realize that the picture is of Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen on the set of the Logan movie covered in makeup.

Free yourself of this kind of stuff and realize that life is much more than memes and liking and sharing.

Much Love



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