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Where Have I Been?

Where have I been?  That is a very good question. Honestly I am not really sure where I have been. I have hit another one of those brick walls. Those walls where I realize I am 38 years old and have accomplished absolutely nothing in my life. I also used to have dreams and passions and energy to do stuff. I don’t think I have those anymore.

So here is a question I have to the few people who read this.  Do you ever hit an age where you don’t have dreams or ambition. Where you don’t have anything you are passionate about?  That is what I am wondering. Have I reached that point?  Have I reached the age where I just stop being passionate about things  where I stop taking enjoyment from things in life.

I always hit this wall where nothing seems to really make me happy.  This time it came from job change.  Don’t get me wrong I have a much better job that pays a lot more money and better hours but with this new job came the inevitable weight gain that comes with going from a manual labor job to a sedentary computer job.  With that weight gain came depression and feeling like a failure.  I had lost 100 pounds but then after this job change I ended up putting back on 20 of those pounds.  There is nothing that will destroy me as much as seeing all that work go away.

I am trying to do this don’t eat any food after 7pm anymore which I have determined that most of my bad eating comes between 7pm and bedtime. I succeeded in doing that last night though it was very hard.  It seemed like after said time all I was able to think about was that I wanted something to eat.  I did however stay strong and didn’t cave in.  I also went on a half hour-long walk yesterday on my lunch break and I am going to try to do that again today.  I am hoping that these little changes will kick me in the right direction and help me get back to my normal self.  Part of that normal self is hopefully writing on this more often.



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Back On Track… I Think?

So I feel like I finally may be back on track.  I had let myself go and every day I hated myself for it more and more.  It is a vicious cycle.  I eat because I feel bad and then I feel bad because I eat and then I eat some more.

I feel like it is just a matter of taking that first step.  That being said yesterday I did a boxing workout.  I figured it would be a nice fun thing to do and man my body is feeling it today and I am so glad I decided to do it.  Now the key will be to do day two when it is time for it.  That is tomorrow.  I hope that I can have the willpower enough to do it.  NO!!! I WILL HAVE THE WILLPOWER TO DO IT!!!! I NEED TO.

I know this is short but I wanted to just start something.  I needed to get a post up to make myself accountable.

Much Love


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